Stickin to it – Virtual Tour Marketing

BlueLaVaMedia producer of Traverse City Virtual Tours is proud to announce our Tour Sticker marketing blast which is the latest addition to our virtual tour marketing program. What is a tour sticker you say? You should ask Susan Hintz a Traverse City real estate agent about the tour sticker.

Back in the day tour stickers were SO popular that Susan would get in trouble if she forgot to leave one behind on the listing sign. In fact, back in early days, Real Tour Vision actually sold virtual tour stickers by the hundreds to virtual tour providers all over the world who then turned around and placed these little vinyl stickers onto the real estate yard signs of every home that received an interactive 360 virtual tour.

What happened to the tour sticker? Well that is a very good questions to ask indeed. First of all RTV stopped selling tour stickers because they were not branding the providers as much as they were RTV. When RTV stopped selling the stickers new virtual tour providers did not know of their existence. At that time we had no marketing department so the tour sticker simply disappeared from existence altogether only to be remembered by few. While the tour sticker has been lost in RTV past it has certainly not been forgotten and by golly Jim and I are fired up to bring it back!

Here is how the little virtual tour sticker worked back in the day and can still work for you and your virtual tour company today:

First you will want to download the new non branded virtual tour sticker from the RTV site that found here (or make your own):

Real Tour Vision Icons

As a side note there are some pretty nice images on that site that you can use for your virtual tour company like I have done here:

Traverse City Virtual Tour Linking

Next give Bill Modzel (or your favorite screen printer person) a call from Modzel Screen printing and design.

Traverse City Screen Printing

Just tell Bill that you would like the same virtual tour sticker printed out that Jason at BlueLaVaMedia had made and he will hook you up with a very sleek vinyl sticker that measures about five inches by five inches. The stickers do cost a bit to produce but you will have the honor of telling your customers that the stickers will not fade in the sun, bake on in the heat or flake off in the bitter winter cold. In fact the stickers easily peel off years after being in place without destroying the real estate listing sign.

Next you will want to announce to ALL of your real estate virtual tour customers that after completing each virtual tour you will be placing an attractive virtual tour sticker onto the listing sign. You will find that some real estate agents will want to place these stickers on themselves while others will be fine with you placing the sticker on yourself. Just use your best judgment and don’t cover up any letters or images!

To date Jim and I have yet to find a single customer that refused the placement of our sticker. Can you guess why this is the case? Of course you can!! It’s because virtual tours are a sense of great pride for home sellers AND the real estate agents who use them. The more tour stickers that start showing up all around your town…the more people start asking about using virtual tours to sell their homes faster. That my friends is secret of the tour sticker. It works great for you AND your customers. Now go get some and happy sticking to you all!

Jason LaVanture
Traverse City Virtual Tours
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