The OFFICIAL Virtual Tour Blog is Released by RTV

The new OFFICIAL virtual tour company blog is now available at!!

As you already know, the first RTV virtual tour company blog was established in February 2007 as way for our providers to communicate with their local markets. Since then, our virtual tour company website and blog have grown to attract over 30,000 visitors every month.

Now just a year and a half later we are excited to be releasing the OFFICIAL virtual tour blog located at The original blog will remain at its current location and will be converted to a virtual tour blog archive.

Full instructions for how to submit a blog are available from the provider menu after you log in to the new blog!

What does this mean to our providers?

providers can now create their own account and submit blogs right through the blog interface! providers can go there now and setup their account!

provider blogs will be even MORE search engine friendly than ever before and will help provider websites get visited more often by potential customers that are already looking for their services!

If you want to be one of the first providers to reap the benefits of our NEW SEO optimized blog, then visit the OFFICIAL virtual tour blog, log in now and get your blog submitted through the NEW blog interface!

-Team RTV
Real Tour Vision
Virtual Tour Software Company