Kalamazoo Virtual Tour Company Goes Full Time

I have had a passion for photography my whole life and spent every spare moment I had out taking pictures of anything and everything. But I always did that as a hobby, never as a career. I have been a graphic artist most of my career and never dreamed that I could make my interest in photography be my main source of income. It just didn’t seem possible.

With encouragement from friends and family, I finally decided to step out from behind the desk and “go for it”. I invested everything I had into a full-service photography franchise. Along with that as a backup income for the slow times, I bought a full-service provider kit from RTV.

It has been almost a year since I made the leap of faith. Starting out, as I mentioned, with the intent of the virtual tour company to be an “extra” income or “filler” for the “Full-Time” photography franchise I purchased, as my primary source of income. Much to my surprise, and that of my peers, the virtual tour business took off much faster and has surpassed the photography franchise by a long shot.

I have recently decided to give up the hassle and stress associated with the photography franchise I own, and make the virtual tour industry my primary focus and source of income. The support I have received from RTV has been phenomenal and they have always been there when I needed questions answered. I have learned the hard way that a solid support system can make or break a business and the system RTV has in place has been a big part of what helped me to make the decision to go full-time into the virtual tour industry.

I want to thank all of those at RTV who have helped me over the last year in getting to where I am today with my business. Those who I have personally talked with as well as those who are behind the scenes that may have helped in fixing any problems I had. I look forward to my future in the virtual tour business knowing I have such a great group of people behind me.

Thanks to you all!

Dawn Frees
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