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I was reading some of the last newsletters and noticed that there was a photo submitted where some comments were made about how good of a photo it was. I realized that I have not been participating enough in the RTV networks or blogs.

I wanted to take a moment to write RTV and thank them for everything that they have done for me. Both Ben Knorr and Morgan Makowski have been a huge help to me and Jason has had his times of listening and educating me. I first began working with Real Tour Vision in April 08. I do not consider this a part time hobby. Since then I have concentrated all my time and energy into it. It is my full time job. I first started out just by myself, working for one realtor; however he just happened to be the TOP producing Realtor of 07 in my city. Before venturing out and taking on more Realtors I focused all my energy on perfecting my Tours and pictures.

Now a short 6 months later, I, and this Realtor put on a conference for all the Top Producing Realtors of the city. Here in Lethbridge there is the 90/10 rule. That is, 10% of the Realtors produce 90% of the market. At this conference we had in attendance those 10%. I shared with them my Vision and Dream to have a Virtual Tour for every single property in the city. I told them that I wasn’t here to just make a profit but to revolutionize real estate as they knew it. This meeting was one week ago. Within the period of ONE day I received 10 New Clients each already possessing more than 30 properties and in some cases 45-60. Every day I receive calls from Realtors wanting to sign up. I am no longer self employed, I now run a successful business. With my clientele improving by the day.

Since April 08 I have 3 photographers a secretary and developing several websites were Realtors will simply log on to set up a Virtual tour, which we then will see on our side, and servers that host all photos and anything regarding Tours for their houses that they can have access to 24/7. I believe that the secret to this success was 1: Real Tour Vision and 2: Taking the time to perfect all the skills required to produce High quality Tours and Pictures (baby steps). Creating systems was a key as well.

When I first started off and even now I have had my wife come along and write down in detail everything I do to shoot and create the tour. I then took that and created a manual, so when some is hired to shoot they don’t need any expertise, all they need to do is read and follow the SYSTEM that has been put in place. Having all this in my back pocket has HUGE when I met with the Realtors, it allowed them to see quality, experience, and professionalism; giving them the confidence in the product that was being presented. I am now looking to hire more staff.

Here at Elements Digital Design we have a team of 10 staff, varying from photographers, editors, secretary, Account, Lawyer ext.. Thank you Real Tour Vision.

Here is the link to one of our latest tours, which was presented in our conference (it was a for sale by owner). Please view the tour and Slide show.


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Elements Digital Design
Lethbridge, Alberta
(403) 393 5350
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