Florida Virtual Tour Company Hits the Road and Blows a Tire

Impressive Virtual Tours, Inc. had a 360 virtual tour to shoot that was a 50-minute trek to the location. The trip went pretty well, besides the fact that there were tolls that I had to pay to get to the job.

The virtual tour shoot took two hours longer than it should have because of high resolution image processing and the fact that the staff really didn’t know what I should shoot or really why I was even there when they were going to be remodeling in a month (time spent on location: 4 hours). It was a Tour Track order and was ordered by corporate, so the the staff on site didn’t know why I was shooting now instead of waiting for the remodel.

On the journey home, traveling at speeds in excess of 70 miles an hour and during, of course, the depths of rush hour traffic . . . all of a sudden I heard a very loud banging noise in the right rear part of my truck. There were four lanes of traffic, me in one of the middle lanes, and vehicles on all sides. I had no idea what I should do. So I slowed a little and edged myself over to the right lane to exit at the first exit.

When I find a place to safely stop to investigate, I find that my tire has pretty much exploded and I’m lucky, quite honestly, to be alive!! Had I lost control of my truck in that amount of traffic, it could have been tragic.

I called AAA to have them come change my tire. However, upon closer inspection after waiting an hour for help to arrive, the spare is dry rotted and we now need to wait for a tow truck (another 45 minutes). Unfortunately, I’ve had so many truck issues this year that I’ve used all my allotments and now they have to start charging me for service. Anyway, I finally arrive home after eight long hours for one virtual tour.

Finding humor in a day like this: PRICELESS!!!

Beth Pauvlinch
Impressive Virtual Tours, Inc.
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