Digital Insurance Documentation Services

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Ike hit Houston, TX, people are still without power. The security of your home and business is challenged without question. Looters are a daily conversation on the Local channels. Ice is drying up and stores are restocking their supplies as fast as they can. People with power have started the clean up process.

Once people start cleaning up the debris, and remove the fallen trees and make everything safe they still have to make their insurance claim. This is a daunting task to do during a chaotic time in your life. Wouldn’t be easier if all you had to do is find a CD that had high resolution digital photos of your home and personal belongings? I’d say it would be.

Digital Tours and More can provide Digital Insurance Documentation service for you. Using the latest technology from RTV, Digital Tours and More can digitally capture your personal belongings and put them on a CD-ROM for you and your insurance agent. We also include a detailed list of serial numbers and other personal information that is also stored on CD. Please call Digital Tours and More for a free no obligation quote today on this service. Check out our website for info on our other services such as real estate photography and virtual tours.

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