Be an Architectural Photographer

Are you a Real Estate Photographer or an Architectural Photographer?

It may seem like semantics, however, the later designation may spark a whole new set of clients and opportunities to showcase your skills and portfolio. Often people associate Real Estate photography with those taken by the agent with their point and shoot camera.

Have you thought about becoming a Real Estate Marketing Specialist?

As a Real Estate Marketing Specialist you offer your clients a one-stop shop for the marketing of their listings, including:

• High Quality Architectural Photography

• High Quality Virtual Tours

• Virtual Assistant Service

• Print Services

• Coordinate with local publications for submissions; i.e. Homes & Land, Newspapers, etc.

• Newsletters

• Website Design

• Know your communities and their amenities, and the difference in Architectural Details and Structure Styles

• Say what you know and know what you say!

Despite the down turn in the world economy, foreclosures, and the loss of jobs, we are still seeing new real estate agents pouring out of the real estate schools. The schools teach them the laws and prepare them for the state and federal exam, however, they leave them unprepared for the marketing challenges they will face. Take this opportunity to develop new clients and increase your worth as their Marketing Specialist.

We like to tell agents, “We’ll make you look great, all you have to do is the paperwork!”

Have a great day and shoot something . . . with a camera!

Ken Bowman
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