Professional Photography Gives the Right First Impression

After reading an article from RISMedia I thought that all of the clients of Virtual Florida Real Tours should hear some of the main points of interest.

According to RISMedia in a recent study researchers found that the use of professional photography increases the perceived value of a home by nearly 12 percent. Additionally, 7 times as many respondents to their survey admitted that were very likely to visit the homes marketed with professional photography service than those houses which showed only property information.

Buying a house is greatly impacted by the first impression of the prospective buyer decision making process; a professionally photographed home will give you a better chance to influence the prospective buyer to visit your listings, and also will incline the buyer to make a higher offer. Perceived value is not the same as what someone ultimately pays for a property, but it sets the first idea as to what the property is worth in a buyer’s mind compared to other homes in the same neighborhood.

Real estate is a referral promoted industry and the satisfaction of your customer will undoubtedly generate more clients. Most clients will quickly understand that if you are able to invest a little of your hard earned money in obtaining a professional virtual tour of their home you are willing to go a lot further than the real estate agent that only wants to place a yard sign in front of their homes and hope for the house to sell itself. Customers will realize that their house is being set apart from the rest of the properties in the area.

According to more than 84 percent of prospective home buyers start their search on the Internet. The data also shows that individuals who viewed a virtual tour of a property felt the listing would be on the market for a shorter period of time when compared to similar homes.

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