Center Line Virtual Tour Company Gets Support

I recently started a virtual tour company in Center Line Michigan. I’ve been amazed by the wonderful service and support RTV employees have provided to me. Anytime I call email the staff has been so helpful! I am grateful to all of your staff because I don’t feel so alone while starting this venture.

I love my virtual tour business and I feel very strongly that I made a good business decision to join forces with RTV. My husband was recently laid off and I am hopeful he will do sales and marketing for me. I am excited about this since he has a strong sales background. I would love to bring him on full time and hopefully that is financially possible soon. My son has shown an interest in the photography side so I hope to train him as my assistant.

My first virtual tour, ironically, was a 6,500 sq foot knotty pine home on the lake with unbelievable lighting that changed with every shot. This home had 3 kitchens and a studio apartment. My next prospect is a recently remodeled restaurant. Might as well learn on the hard ones first and get them out of the way! I know that if I have questions while on the job, that your staff will be there to help if I needed.

A big thanks to all of Team RTV! Hopefully as my virtual tour company grows and I learn the ropes I won’t need to call in so much but it is great to know that they are there if I need them!

Jacqueline Parks
Sterling Media Solutions
Order a virtual tour – 586-797-9039