Keep Your Rotator Settings in the Camera Bag

So you think you’ve been there done that right? Well try this one on..

While I was taking some shots for a riverfront property virtual tour, I decided to go out into to middle of the river to take some shots to show off the grand view for developers. I got in an old unstable canoe with my tripod and camera and went out to some large rooks in the middle of the river.

I get out on the rocks and find out that my rotator had gotten knocked out of whack so my settings were wrong. What to do? Cell phone …woo hoo!! So I call up Team RTV and they gave me my settings. I never thought I would have to field set it so I didn’t have my settings with me. I’ll always carry them in my bag from now on!

Thanks to that great customer service at RTV. I recommend keeping your settings with you in your bag or on the rotator for that one chance you might need it. If you have gotten in and out of an old canoe before then you understand they saved me a lot of trouble.

Vincent( Chip) Millerick
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