Hub and Spoke Virtual Tour Selling

After years of avoiding the real estate market and focusing my efforts on doing virtual tours soley for commercial properties, this year I finally refocused my efforts. I realized quickly that although the real estate market was different, the tactics I employed in both the commercial sales arena as well as in my full time job as a pharmaceutical rep is the same.

In all of these businesses there is usually a dominant player or thought leader that has the influence over others in their field. This is where the “Hub and Spoke” sales model comes in to play. Once I was able to find out who the “hub” or base of a business was, I used them to influence the “spokes” that look to them for leadership. Case in point is a large real estate company in my area that I employed this strategy with. “Realty USA” is a real estate company that has several individually owned and operated branches throughout the “Capital District” in upstate NY. Through some investigative work I found out that the Saratoga Springs office was the branch that everyone wanted to model after because of their progressive ideas making them the most successful in the chain. Knowing that, I spent a good deal of time trying to land them as a client which I eventually did. I was able to go back to the ancillary branches that turned me down in the past and reference that I am the virtual tour provider for Saratoga Springs and it was amazing how quickly they starting sending me out for jobs. Although this sounds simplistic, it does take time to identify and land the hub but the benefits will be far reaching.

Good Selling!
Charles Gise
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