Go the Extra Mile

Customers reward companies that go the extra mile—even if they don’t personally benefit from that effort. In fact, customers are willing to pay more for a product, frequent one store rather than another, and, in general, have a more positive impression of a company or brand that is perceived to put in more effort.

Customers can view your virtual tour company’s outstanding efforts as either general or personal.

• When the company’s actions, such as creating new product features, benefit a wide range of customers, they are considered to be general.

• Specific actions on the part of the company to benefit a specific customer (such as rewards, or stellar customer service) are deemed personal.

And in the great scheme of things, personal wins. As an RTV provider you have all the resources you need to add a personal touch to your property marketing services.

Start by customizing the newly updated Realtor Listing Brochure, located in Inner Circle Marketing, for each of your clients. This professional marketing piece is utilized by agents in their prospecting and outlines the benefits of online marketing, virtual tours and your property marketing services, allowing your client to stand out from competing agents in their listing presentations.

It only takes a minute to add in your client’s contact info and personal branding and they will surely appreciate and benefit from this great marketing piece. The proof is in the response:

“The document looks great; it is indeed a well done marketing piece. What a load of work you put into this…thank you! Our marketing department controls much of what we put forth but since you made it so customizable, it holds potential to work with current or future marketing campaigns!” – Nancy Mullen – CENTURY 21 Crystal Mountain Realty

“This looks great…I’ll definitely customize it to be included it in my listing presentation!”
Andrea Galloup – Real Estate One, Inc

When customers see a company’s efforts as personal, they are grateful, and feel indebted to it, making your returning and referral business consistent. Go the extra mile – consumers will appreciate and reward you for your effort.

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