Appreciate your Customers – A Tour Track Tale

RTV has a nationwide provider network to service our national accounts. Our Director of National Accounts (aka the Tour Track Fairy) Jacque is in charge of all these accounts and works with providers to fulfill the virtual tour orders. It is a stressful and demanding job. Sometimes it makes Jacque look like this:

Fortunately Jacque is always cool and level headed on the phone. Sometimes when she is done she runs out into the hallway mumbling incoherently. She’ll grab the first Team RTV employee she sees by the lapels and sob out, “focus…aaaaahwhydidn’ttheyfocus…waaaaa”.

Bless her heart. We love her.

We usually make her a cup of tea or sugar free hot chocolate, or give her some hummus with pretzels. It calms her right down.

The other day Jacque received a mysterious box in the mail. She opened it up to find a gift from Bob Plugger a virtual tour provider in Pleasanton, California. Bob loves working with Jacque, and appreciates all the Tour Track leads he gets so he sent her a little present.

It was perfect timing. The end of a month/beginning of a new month is rough with all the extra paperwork and his present was exactly what she needed. This is how Jacque looks now:

Calm, composed, chocolated.

She was kind enough to pass me some chocolate too, which inspired me to blog about it today. Besides, it is Friday.

The moral of my little story is to send RTV employees food remember to appreciate the people that you do business with. Even a phone call or card is a great way to let them know you enjoy working with them and appreciate them. And hey, if you can afford chocolates, cookie baskets, and personalized Wheaties boxes, then go for it.

And Bob, if you could find a way to send this homesick California girl a Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae I would really appreciate it.

Team RTV
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