Virtual Tours in Indiana Come in All Sizes

When Mike and I first started our virtual tour company in Indiana, we were a little confused. We thought we could only have a total of 30 pictures per virtual tour. With every full panorama being 12 pictures, it was a challenge to put together a virtual tour – especially for large homes. We usually did one full spin, a couple of partial spins and some stills.

Imagine our surprise and elation (and embarrassment) when we discovered the virtual tours can have 30 total scenes that can be filled with full panoramas, partials or stills – not just 30 pictures! Now Mike does a lot of full spins, some partials and some stills. Our Four Seasons Virtual Tours clients (real estate agents and the sellers) are very happy with the virtual tours.

I personally prefer smaller virtual tours because I think they are easier to view. I tend to be a minimalist though. A good piece of art or writing is better when it is tighter, and so are virtual tours.

I know that most prospective buyers enjoy seeing a home from many different angles and with lots of detail. Real estate virtual tours can auto run and play through or the viewer can control which scenes to visit.

Debbie Higgins
Four Seasons Virtual Tours
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