Virtual Tours have Great ROI

An agent can spend hundreds of dollars on printed advertisements that take weeks to come into print and have, at its best, one to two months in a shelf for people to look at.

If the ad is in the newspaper, only 4% of the readers usually ever get to the Real Estate section of the paper, yet you get charged a high price because of ‘huge’ readership. Maybe that is the reason why agents pay around 200 dollars for a weekend ad and get no calls from prospective buyers.

In the real estate market around 87% of potential buyers start their search on the Internet and frequently they end up working with the real estate agent that has a highly ranked website in the search engine and provides them with the info they are looking for.

I recommend that agents start keeping records of the sources of their business. Obviously, every agent should invest in their web page. It should be well ranked, attractive, and provide interactive content. Internet customers want answers fast and they are looking for an agent that will save them time and money.

Virtual tours are an excellent promotion tool since it saves agents advertising money. They are on the Internet a year and are able to be processed quickly. Remember, a newly listed home has the highest chance of selling in its first few weeks on the market.

Virtual tours are also an excellent way to attract sellers since they will notice that you are willing to go the extra mile for them and provide them with possibilities that other agents do not provide.

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