Virtual Tour Lead from RTV turned into my first Tour

My husband and I started a virtual tour company in Port Ludlow Washington, and we were in the process of training, practicing, reading and overall sorting through the marketing material to get a handle on what this whole business is about when out of the blue I received an email from a real estate agent.

She had called RTV and they referred her to us. I am so glad that she emailed instead of calling. I might have been tongue-tied on our first order!

We both looked over our calendars, chose a day, and hoped for clear skies. After all, this is the Pacific Northwest. I woke up to sunny skies yesterday and left the house to do my first paid virtual tour shoot. I had done another tour, but it was a freebie for a broker friend.

Getting there entailed a 45 minute drive, a 30 minute ferry ride and then Terry the agent picked me up and drove me to the listing. Again, I was fortunate. The house and grounds were immaculate. Not a thing out of place, dogs under control, no clutter and good lighting.

I went to work immediately, with Terry and her clients staying out of my way. Having been a real estate agent (among other things) for several years, I know what to look for. And as a photographer, I have a good eye for angles, light etc. I started upstairs and worked my way down, then moved outside. The hardest part was making sure the tripod and camera were level. In 25 minutes I was done, we loaded back into the car and I caught the ferry back to Port Townsend and drove home.

I would have liked to have had time to check my work while on-site, but the ferries run infrequently so I wasn’t able to do that. When I got home, I downloaded everything and was happy and relieved, as I worked through the photo stitching software, to see that everything worked out fine.

I am really happy to have the RTV support staff behind me as I go through this learning curve. I had couple of questions and each time I called, received phone calls back within half an hour so was able to publish the virtual tour with no hiccups.

Terry loves it, I know her clients will too, and so do I.

Susan Colby
Olympic Visual Media
Order a virtual tour – 360-643-1310