Shooting Virtual Tours is Awesome!

What is the best thing about owning my virtual tour company in Chester County Pennsylvania?

I love the freedom of shooting 360 virtual tours. Getting up in the morning, grabbing some breakfast, and hitting the road, it is the best way to start off the day! I love driving and listening to some groovy beats on the way my stress-free job.

I also love the wide variety of homes I get to shoot. Each one is different. Even if there are two properties that are structurally identical, each is a separate, unique experience. There are no two homes with the exact same décor for one thing.

I have seen indoor pools, saunas, trophy rooms, and by that I mean dead animal heads on the wall. I have seen home theaters, game rooms, and some really, really sweet bars. Even the weirdest architecture can look awesome with the right touch.

Sometimes the virtual tour shoot is in an empty residence or the homeowners are out. These tours are nice because you can get in and out, and get back to the tunes.

At other times the seller might be there, and a good conversation is a must. All the seller knows about you is what their agent has told them, so I feel it makes them a bit more comfortable when you are sociable. Sometimes the agent may come to a shoot. Whenever the agent is present I look at it as a great opportunity to strengthen my business relationship with that particular client.

I mean, honestly, is there a downside to having your own virtual tour company?

Brian Castro
Virtual Vista
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