RTV 3D Takes Its Talent to Las Vegas

The Grande Image, an outdoor advertising company, was looking for a way to excite potential advertisers about their new prime advertising location in Las Vegas, NV.

This unique advertising space offers a giant billboard on the side of a hotel in a very key location of Vegas. Since the hotel is currently under construction The Grande Image (TGI) needed a way to show the key vantages points that make this billboard a prime advertising opportunity and begin pre-selling the ad space.

After discussing the project and submitting a proposal, TGI made the decision to purchase a RTV 3D custom animation and 3D renderings. After much planning and many hours of labor we are very excited and proud to unveil the completed 3D animation for TGI.

Visit our 3D animation and 3D renderings on our website. Click the link below and check out sample number 6 to see our new Las Vegas animation.


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