RPM Marketing Advice Helps Florida Tour Company

I do not want another day to pass without sharing with other RTV providers what I have achieved after following only some of excellent recommendations on the search engine optimization from RPM marketing.

It has been almost three months since I started working on Cheryl’s assignments and following through with half of what she recommends and I am already obtaining most of my revenue from Internet leads.

I searched on Google for “virtual tour provider +miami”, then I repeated the same and substituted the word Miami with one of the following “Miami Beach”,” Miami Dade” and “Broward” and to my astonishment Virtual Florida Tours came up in the first page of the search. These are the major areas covered by my virtual tour company.

I repeated the same and Googled “virtual tour company + Miami” and only one company was above mine. Do you really need to ask which company beat me? Yep, only RTV had a higher search result.

Last week one of Obeo’s photographers came to my office looking for work. In this difficult market they are looking for business and guess what, they only find Virtual Florida Tours competing for business.

I strongly recommend that if you have not started taking the advice of RPM then it is about time to start or you will see opportunity train pass by.

Gabriel Duque
President, Virtual Florida Tours
Miami Virtual Tour Provider
Order a virtual tour – (305) 331 8960