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Start thinking that you are a magnet to money and that everything you try goes in the right direction and allows you to make more money. Remember that work is not the same thing as struggle, so when you start entertaining ideas that put you down, you need to start thinking positively.

A good idea is to start thinking of yourself as the one that creates financial success for everyone that is related to your business.

In days of difficulties most companies start cutting in advertising since this is thought of as a place where costs can be reduced without much suffering for the economic revenue of the enterprise. In reality this is exactly the speedway to failure. What needs to be done is spending in those places that get you and your company exposed in a better way.

A newspaper ad costs around 200 dollars and has a shelf life of approximately two days and only around 4% of the readers will ever visit the real estate page. A virtual tour on the other hand allows you to track how many people view the virtual tour and from where on the Internet. Since it stays active for a year you get a much better return on investment.

If you need help increasing the SEO of your webpage, so you can fight for the 5% of the visitors that are ready to buy but are trapped by other companies or real estate agents that have a better ranked web page, or if you need a virtual tour in Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Dade County or Broward County do not hesitate to contact Virtual Florida Tours at (305) 331 8960 or visit our webpage at

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Reference: Dr. Maya Bailey; “5 Tips to Boost Your Beliefs, Create Your Reality”