High End Virtual Tours

We are really proud of our virtual tour company and our success in high end markets. I’d like to give a quick overview of our company history.

September 2005 – Started our little experiment, doing virtual tours, a little website work, and computer work. Had to do all three to make ends meet. Made $2000 gross first month. Quit a $60,000/year job. Wondered how smart I was.

November 2005 – Hired a professional photographer to help do the photo work, so I could sell more, and do just the back end virtual tour assembly.

2006 – Spent the year knocking on doors in Aspen, Crested Butte, Telluride, and other markets, pretty much anywhere within two hours of our home base. Continued to sell to the higher end of the market, since most folks didn’t want to spend over $100. We developed a product that included awesome photos for print, web, and the virtual tour, and sold it for $400 or more. Did $100,000 in our first full year.

2007 – Our relentless pursuit of sales yielded the opportunity to gain contracts with several of the biggest brokerages in Aspen and Crested Butte and we partnered with a website company to extend our capability to do websites specifically for real estate agents. We ended up buying out that website company in September of 2007 on our second anniversary. We have up to four contract photographers. Did $200,000 our second full year.

2008 – We quit doing most of the computer work, kept chasing more website business and photography/virtual tour business, focusing on just those two things for our growth. Began working on developing a real estate video product for the Aspen market this spring, and put together a team of pros to help us do just that, We’ve done five already! Shot over 50 properties in June alone! And we’re on pace to do over $400,000 in total sales this year!

We have leveraged every little technical advantage that RTV has brought to the table over the last three years. They have continued to improve the stitching software, the online tour management system, the supporting materials (marketing, panoriders with single property websites, floorplans, etc.).

RTV’s commitment to continuous improvement of both product offerings and service for those of us on the front lines has been tremendous. They have enabled us to do in excess of 500 virtual tours since we started! Choosing RTV after a great deal of research three years ago was the best decision we made at the beginning of our adventure.

Commit yourself to the highest quality of product and service, and be determined to work through the slow times and never give up! We had our two biggest months ever in May and June, even in the ‘down market’!

Now get out there and be successful!

Marc Terrien, Owner/President
thin air media solutions
Aspen.Crested Butte.Dallas.Telluride
Order a virtual tour – 970.201.5442