Getting Clients to Refer Others to You

Your most dependable source of business is your client base. You can advertise in a number of different mediums, but your clients speak far more effectively than any advertising medium and this type of advertising is free. There is no better sales force than a loyal client base.

Here are a few ways to maximize your relationship with your clients:

  1. Make every experience your clients have with you a positive one. On average over a month’s time, a satisfied client will tell three people about his or her positive experience, but many more times if the experience is negative. Make it your goal to provide the very best service you can, and if a problem arises, be willing to accept full responsibility and do what it takes to make it right. Fix all problems as quickly as possible. Yes, the problem may be out of your control, but if it involves your virtual tour business, it is your problem not your clients. Most clients understand that things happen, so what matters most is how you handle the problem. Often your most loyal and dedicated clients will result from you managing a problem well.
  2. Second, exceed your customers’ expectations. Go the extra mile to do the best job possible. Even though the extra effort may not produce striking results, over time, it will. In business, as in life, the more you give, the more you get. A little extra effort goes along way to set you apart from the competition.
  3. Third, open your eyes and ears. Your clients may be telling you when someone else may need your services. Many clients will say things like “Others in my office have asked about virtual tours.” Or “So and so used your competition and wasn’t too happy.” These should be followed up with “I would like to answer any questions they might have about our services.” Then the next step would be to offer to arrange a time for a presentation or get a number to make call to introduce yourself. I know these two examples are pretty easy to read, but if you ignore it, you may miss an opportunity to make a contact. Since your clients are busy and don’t have your virtual tour company as first thing on their agenda, you should offer to be the one to make the contact. Also, sometimes it maybe necessary to provide an advantage to your client for making referrals, so you may want to offer an incentive in the way of discounts, gift certificates, and specials to those who refer new customers to you. At OnView 360 we offer an “Order 5 tours and get the sixth tour for free” deal to our clients, and any client referrals (with a special referral certificate) who order a real estate virtual tour with in the same month counts toward that sixth tour. This one deal has resulted in many referral orders.
  4. Last, but not least, is listen and ask for feedback. Know what your customers are thinking of you. Most dissatisfied customers never let you know why they are unhappy, they just never call again. Call them and take any criticism constructively. If you can make things right do so. If not, don’t get mad just say “thank you” and let it go. You never know what good may come from it.

These steps require very little, but can do wonders for your business.

Rudy Gutierrez
OnView 360
Phoenix Virtual Tour Company
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