Earth Sheltered Home would be a Great Virtual Tour

I found an interesting article recently about “earth-sheltered homes.” The article talks about “green” housing, specifically focusing on a “living-roof.” I liked this article because the idea very original, the specific design is very unique, and the functionality is awesome. The article is about 5 pages in length, but is an easy read…easily skimmed and absorbed. Check it out at the link below:

The “living-roof” has many advantages:

  • Longevity for one, this roof provides protection against conditions that damage exposed roofing over time.
  • Insulation as well, soil with vegetation keeps the home warmer in the winter. The provided insulation lowers heating costs.
  • Cooling is also a plus. The shade from the plants and the evaporation of moisture on the roof keeps the home cooler. This effect, like the insulation factor, lowers cooling costs in the summer.
  • Protection from fire, radiation, and sound is a product of the roof. Adding the soil and vegetation to the sidewalls of the home can also provide protection against earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
  • Aesthetics are a huge part of what make a “living-roof” such an attractive option. Aside from the basics, the roof can be given a personal touch when choosing the vegetation scheme. This would be a great addition to any home, but especially to someone with a love for gardening.

I really do not think there is a downside to one of these “living-roofs.” Once the roof is built, you could probably do the landscaping work yourself and save a lot of money. Also, you could change the look of the roof every year if you wanted. Personally, I would like a palm tree on my roof.

I would love the opportunity to do a 360 virtual tour of a home with a living roof. That would be great for my portfolio. I’d love to hear from anyone who has done one also.

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