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BlueLaVaMedia is very pleased to announce today the release of our agent handout information packet. The information packet is an informational piece that can be used by all BlueLaVaMedia real estate customers to help with a more seamless listing presentation. Our listing information packet can easily customized by our customers then finalized into a PDF file for print or email distribution.

The pack reviews the powerful marketing tools that all BlueLaVaMedia customers are currently utilizing and explains their benefits to the prospective home seller looking for an agent to list with. Our information packet contains information on our powerful marketing tools utilized by the agent including:

• High end listing photography
• 360 Interactive Virtual Tours
• Listing syndication and distribution
Single property websites
• Weekly hit reporting
• Unique listing flyer creation
• Virtual tour discs
• 3D Floor plans and more!

The information packet also has plenty of room for the real estate agent to customize and include some personal information such and credentials and listing history BlueLaVaMedia is very pleased to be able to go outside of the realm of simply creating 360 virtual tours here in Traverse City. Home sellers and agents alike need more education on the powerful marketing tools that we offer and when our real estate agent customers can explain the benefits of these tools to their prospects everyone wins! We are very excited to announce our professionally voice real estate agent listing presentation very soon so stay tuned and good luck out there!

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When we think in terms of real estate virtual tours the first thought is probably a residential homes. However, there is a huge market out there in the commercial sector as well. Whether it be an existing building or a planned development, there are numerous opportunities for a provider to create virtual tours or 3D floorplans in commercial real estate.

One of the most important selling points you can make to a potential client is letting them know that you will be using as your major marketing site to showcase the 360 virtual tour online. For those of you who are not familiar with, it is the key site to market on for commercial real estate for sale as is for the residential sector.

You can set up a free account on the site just like you would on any other free site that you market your business or properties on like, Craigslist or It is imperative that you mention this to a prospect and that they understand the way their property is going to be advertised across the Web. In doing this you are almost guaranteed to secure more bids on commercial real estate virtual tours.

Yes, these type of virtual tours are totally different from any kind of residential tour you may be doing, but aren’t all homes different as well? Get online and see how other providers are portraying these properties in their tours. Be creative and look at it from a buyer’s point of view…what would you want to see and how would you want it presented?

This is just another market that RTV providers have out there that can help add to your pocketbook and portfolio. Don’t be afraid to venture into new fields. There are thousands of these types of properties for sale. All you need to do is promote your services to the seller in the proper way to get the deal.
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My husband and I started a virtual tour company in Port Ludlow Washington, and we were in the process of training, practicing, reading and overall sorting through the marketing material to get a handle on what this whole business is about when out of the blue I received an email from a real estate agent.

She had called RTV and they referred her to us. I am so glad that she emailed instead of calling. I might have been tongue-tied on our first order!

We both looked over our calendars, chose a day, and hoped for clear skies. After all, this is the Pacific Northwest. I woke up to sunny skies yesterday and left the house to do my first paid virtual tour shoot. I had done another tour, but it was a freebie for a broker friend.

Getting there entailed a 45 minute drive, a 30 minute ferry ride and then Terry the agent picked me up and drove me to the listing. Again, I was fortunate. The house and grounds were immaculate. Not a thing out of place, dogs under control, no clutter and good lighting.

I went to work immediately, with Terry and her clients staying out of my way. Having been a real estate agent (among other things) for several years, I know what to look for. And as a photographer, I have a good eye for angles, light etc. I started upstairs and worked my way down, then moved outside. The hardest part was making sure the tripod and camera were level. In 25 minutes I was done, we loaded back into the car and I caught the ferry back to Port Townsend and drove home.

I would have liked to have had time to check my work while on-site, but the ferries run infrequently so I wasn’t able to do that. When I got home, I downloaded everything and was happy and relieved, as I worked through the photo stitching software, to see that everything worked out fine.

I am really happy to have the RTV support staff behind me as I go through this learning curve. I had couple of questions and each time I called, received phone calls back within half an hour so was able to publish the virtual tour with no hiccups.

Terry loves it, I know her clients will too, and so do I.

Susan Colby
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I found an interesting article recently about “earth-sheltered homes.” The article talks about “green” housing, specifically focusing on a “living-roof.” I liked this article because the idea very original, the specific design is very unique, and the functionality is awesome. The article is about 5 pages in length, but is an easy read…easily skimmed and absorbed. Check it out at the link below:

The “living-roof” has many advantages:

  • Longevity for one, this roof provides protection against conditions that damage exposed roofing over time.
  • Insulation as well, soil with vegetation keeps the home warmer in the winter. The provided insulation lowers heating costs.
  • Cooling is also a plus. The shade from the plants and the evaporation of moisture on the roof keeps the home cooler. This effect, like the insulation factor, lowers cooling costs in the summer.
  • Protection from fire, radiation, and sound is a product of the roof. Adding the soil and vegetation to the sidewalls of the home can also provide protection against earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes.
  • Aesthetics are a huge part of what make a “living-roof” such an attractive option. Aside from the basics, the roof can be given a personal touch when choosing the vegetation scheme. This would be a great addition to any home, but especially to someone with a love for gardening.

I really do not think there is a downside to one of these “living-roofs.” Once the roof is built, you could probably do the landscaping work yourself and save a lot of money. Also, you could change the look of the roof every year if you wanted. Personally, I would like a palm tree on my roof.

I would love the opportunity to do a 360 virtual tour of a home with a living roof. That would be great for my portfolio. I’d love to hear from anyone who has done one also.

Brian Castro
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I do not want another day to pass without sharing with other RTV providers what I have achieved after following only some of excellent recommendations on the search engine optimization from RPM marketing.

It has been almost three months since I started working on Cheryl’s assignments and following through with half of what she recommends and I am already obtaining most of my revenue from Internet leads.

I searched on Google for “virtual tour provider +miami”, then I repeated the same and substituted the word Miami with one of the following “Miami Beach”,” Miami Dade” and “Broward” and to my astonishment Virtual Florida Tours came up in the first page of the search. These are the major areas covered by my virtual tour company.

I repeated the same and Googled “virtual tour company + Miami” and only one company was above mine. Do you really need to ask which company beat me? Yep, only RTV had a higher search result.

Last week one of Obeo’s photographers came to my office looking for work. In this difficult market they are looking for business and guess what, they only find Virtual Florida Tours competing for business.

I strongly recommend that if you have not started taking the advice of RPM then it is about time to start or you will see opportunity train pass by.

Gabriel Duque
President, Virtual Florida Tours
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