Virtual Tour Opportunities are Everywhere

Never Overlook an Opportunity to Promote Your Virtual Tours

Thursday night, June 26, Hillsdale County Economic Development Partnership, in partnership with Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center, presented a seminar called “Vision to Reality” at the Dow Convention Center and Hotel. This informative class focused on the start-up of small businesses and the interests of entrepreneurs in our community. Since I am always looking for opportunities to meet new people and make contacts with potential customers I signed up for the class.

There were people from many different types of industries looking for information and help to get started with their dreams. There was a graphic designer, a lady looking to possible open up an internet café, a farmer thinking about developing the hunting and fishing resources on his land into a private sportsmen’s club and a local business man thinking about starting a business of providing information and assistance for other entrepreneurs.

Talk about opportunity! It looked like I hit the jackpot. Every one of these people in one way or another could use a virtual tour and also knew someone who could. RTV virtual tours provide more than any other virtual tour. We are really more “Internet Marketing” people than just virtual tour providers. We have our unheard of special distribution for our virtual tours to over 40 different real estate portals. Our Singe Property Website providing property owners with the opportunity of having a virtual tour and a web site. Our Panoriders, the 3D Floor Plans, the stats reports, the many, many special aspects of RTV tours, put us out there as more than a virtual tour provider. We are Virtual Tour and Internet Marketing Revolutionaries.

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