Traverse City Virtual Tours Big 100

BlueLaVaMedia, Michigan virtual tour company is very proud to announce the coming and going of 100 Virtual Tours. As soon as the snow melted at the end of April up here in Traverse City it was as if a gun went off. Jim Blue, manager and virtual tour coordinator of BlueLaVaMedia, literally went from making cold calls and working on practice virtual tours to receiving phone calls and being behind on completing “Real Tours”.

These are certainly great problems to have in such a unique market. In my personal experience of bringing new virtual tour providers on all over the world, I know that a lot of people think that property marketing is falling by the wayside due to the gas and real estate crisis. Fortunately for us virtual tour providers out there it is exactly the opposite. It is now more important than ever to properly market homes via the Internet and give home shoppers the online experience they desire. Sure there are those who have stopped spending money on marketing but there are STILL and will always be those who want to stretch their dollars out and work smarter. Now approaching August and reaching nearly 50 tours a month we attribute our instant success in this market due to the fact that we have outstanding virtual tour technology, top notch customer service, great looking marketing pieces and of course very competitive pricing for our products.

Here is a compliment that we recently received from one of our customers:
“I do nearly all of my advertising via the internet. My sellers love the virtual tours, and they love being able to send the link to family and friends or being able to direct them to the single property website. It seems to be a source of pride for them. I’m waiting for my first call from a prospective seller who has noticed the PanoRider Custom Round and wants the same level of service for themselves! My sellers enjoy receiving the website hits too. It’s an easy way for me to “stay in touch” when there maybe hasn’t been as much activity on their homes. It helps them stay loyal and confident in the market. I appreciate your level of customer service and the quality product you produce.” Andrea Galloup – Traverse City Real Estate

It’s great compliments like this from forward thinking real estate agents that help us over here at BlueLaVaMedia realize we are making a difference in the way people buy and sell their homes. A big thank you to the Real Tour Vision development staff for giving us an amazing product to sell, the marketing staff for making us look our best in the field, and the dispatch and support team for keeping us going out there. Good luck everyone and we will see you all at the big 500!


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