Marketing 2.0 Video Series and RTVmail

Over the holiday weekend we released the first of our new series of marketing videos! The RPM Marketing 2.0 video series includes topics such as PPC advertising, organic search engine optimization, social networking, social media applications, blogging and much more!

This new video series is designed to help BOTH in-house AND full-service providers, so it doesn’t matter if you only produce virtual tours for yourself or if you produce virtual tours as a business. The information in these videos WILL help you increase your business!

All you have to do is watch, learn and apply to your marketing strategy.

We also began the release of RTVmail to all Inner-Circle members. RTVmail is a powerful web-based email system that allows you to send HTML & plain text emails to ANY SIZED email list! After much thought we have decided to offer this service FREE to all of our Inner-Circle Marketing members!

Over the next week we will be setting up all of our Inner-Circle members with their new RTVmail account. If you are an Inner-Circle member, you will receive an email from marketing with your access information within the next 7 days or so. Please be patient as this is a very large roll-out and each account is manually set-up.

AND if you are not an Inner-Circle member, we just gave you two great reasons to join! As our Inner-Circle membership grows, we are able to add more and more great new features!

Log into RPM at and start growing your virtual tour business today!

-Team RTV

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