Blue Angels Virtual Tour

It is probably a little known fact that our virtual tour software company is located in (almost) Paradise. I say almost because it is only paradisaical a few months of the year. The rest of the time you have to watch out for snow, ice, and polar bears. I am kidding. There are no polar bears here. But it is cold enough.

The Blue Angels are here in town for the National Cherry Festival. They come every other year. On Friday they practiced for the air show over the weekend.

Since RTV is located right downtown the jets scream over our heads during their practice runs. It is quite exhilarating. Jon and I took one of our cameras out down to the beach and got some great pictures. Jon took the pictures while I gave him helpful advice. Kind of like how I help my husband drive.

The Angels did a total of three separate practice runs today. The first one was with 2 jets, then with 3, then all 5 together. This gave us three excuses to go outside and play!

I compiled the photos into a virtual tour for you to enjoy. The tour also links to the National Cherry Festival tour created by BlueLavaMedia. You can view both tours below:

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