Aerial Photography from BakerB Solutions

BakerB Solutions now offers Aerial Photography from the ground! No planes, no pilots, no planning necessary! Our 60 Foot Elevated Tripod allows us to get above the subject to get a “Bee’s Eye View”. These angles are best used for properties with:

  • Large plots of land/acreage
  • Natural amenities such as creeks, ponds, landscaping . Additions not visible from one side or easily visible from the ground . Pools, hot tubs, multi-level decks, etc.
  • Backing to golf courses or parkland

We also enhance our Aerial photos with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology for the BEST results!

Pricing starts at only $150 per setup.
To order, call 301.424.8272

Image 1: Under Exposure
(captures the full dimension of the clouds and sky)

Image 2: Normal Exposure
(captures an average view of all the image dimensions)

Image 3: Over Exposure
(captures the full dimension of the grass, trees and house)

Image 4: High Dynamic Range Image or HDR Image (combines the full dimension of all exposures in the sky, trees, house and grass)

Aerial Photo HDR Enhanced
This HDR composed photo only taken at 30 feet against branches of a tall oak tree, allowed us to get above the whole scene. At this angle we are able to see the wrought iron gates, full pool shape, landscaping and roof lines.

BakerB Solutions Aerial HDR Photos
Pricing starts at only $150 per setup.
For more details or to order, call 301.424.8272

Alex Saenger
BakerB Solutions
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