Virtual Vista Is In The House

Virtual Vista is now in its third year of operation. We have been steadily building our virtual tour business reputation in Westchester PA on the platform of providing, HANDS DOWN, the best product, exceptional customer service, and building excellent relationships with our clients. Without the customer we do not have a job, so we like to keep them coming back.

Reasons that our customers KEEP coming back:

-We review every single panorama for stitching errors.

-We customize our tour windows with a unique banner and color scheme.

-We implement a consistent style of flow to each tour with our hotspot placement.

-We provide the most EVERYTHING for the dollar, ANYWHERE!

CUSTOMER SERVICE – at its core, has the same impact on repeat customers in any industry. Servers and bartenders at restaurants have regulars, because they consistently provide exceptional, highly quality service to the customers. At Virtual Vista, our customers come first and we don’t hide that!

DEPENDABILITY – As far as Virtual Vista’s exceptional customer service goes, our work ethic is unrelenting. We always answer the phone, making ourselves readily available to our clientele. In addition to our virtual tour customer support, we always go above and beyond their expectations. When the competition is sleeping we are getting the job done right.

PREDICTABILITY – Our customers come back to us because they know us, and they know what they are getting every time. A Virtual Vista virtual tour is always a pleasant, casual experience for the seller, real estate agent, and/or the business owner/manager.

FRIENDLINESS – While we believe in being professional, we like to throw in a good conversation, and always top it off with a smile.

Hasta La Vista, Virtual Vista That Is!!!

All the best,

Brian Castro
Virtual Vista
WestChester PA Virtual Tours