Virtual Tours Boost Real Estate Client Base

RTV has boosted my client base in my Real Estate Market and now I am making steady money on superior virtual tours.

I bought a Real Tour Vision complete kit a couple of months ago after the agent who used to produce our “virtual tours” left the company. Little did we know her leaving would be a HUGE benefit to Arlington Properties. I bought the RTV package and NC Home Tours has been producing all virtual tours for Arlington Properties, ever since.

Not only does NC Home Tours produce a product that is infinitely superior to what we were used to offering, but now I use my virtual tours to pick up new clients from the for sale by owner market. Offering a Panorider and single property website greatly increases their marketing potential, and if they are interested in using a Realtor down the road, I have already shown my commitment to excellence and I hope they will call me for that service as well.

Being able to show future clients my virtual tours on is a great marketing tool and everyone loves the weekly and on demand tour hit stats. By posting virtual tours on the home page we are maximizing the exposure of every home that is listed with Arlington Properties.

I have always prided myself on giving people a top quality product and maintaining honesty above all else in my business. I now offer clients, associates, and for sale by owner customers incredible marketing tools at a fair price. I can’t thank the Team RTV enough for getting me started in this wonderful industry. I look forward to years of association and years of providing the best virtual home tours in Eastern North Carolina.

Taylor Keith
NC Home Tours
North Carolina Virtual Tours
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