Virtual Tour Investment Pays Off

One of my clients recently took over a listing where the previous agent had, shall we say, cut corners a bit. With the real estate market in its current condition, the original agent didn’t put much emphasis on marketing since there are so many homes are the market and listings are moving slowly. This agent chose to take a few snapshots of the home herself to use on the property flyer and didn’t even attempt to showcase the home in any other way.

When my client took over the listing, she immediately showed her proactive approach to selling. She called me in to shoot a virtual tour of the property. She also scheduled an open house to time with the listing and tour being published. With the new photos, the house saw the most traffic it had seen since being on the market. The result, by investing in a professional real estate photographer and following with an investment of her own efforts to showcase the house, the agent sold the home in 2 short weeks!

Just goes to show that now is not the time to cut corners. 80% of home buyers use the internet in their home search. 54% will ONLY look at a home on if they have multiple images or a virtual tour.

It pays to invest in marketing to ensure your listing is getting the exposure necessary to really stand out to potential home buyers. As an independent RTV provider, we have many packages to meet your needs. Give us a call today to learn more.

Trish Edmonds
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