The Virtual Tour Follow-Up

It is now more important than ever to make sure your customers are properly linking their 360 virtual tours. If you are not already following up with your customers after the virtual tours are delivered, then you need to start this as soon as possible. Stop potentially bad habits, oversights or improper linking of your virtual tours before you have a mess on your hands.

From the very start of our TC Virtual tour company I noticed that many of our customers either used the wrong link altogether or did not link the virtual tour onto ALL of their sites. Remember that many real estate agents will have a personal website–, a local company website– , an MLS system– and sometimes an national site– . Your single online 360 virtual tour MUST find its way to all of these websites or you are not doing justice to your work.

That is a LOT of checking up on if you’re doing several virtual tours a month but very little work if you simply make this a standard operational procedure after you bring on any new customer and perform their first virtual tour.

Do what Team BlueLaVa does and write up a nice follow up email and website page that shows linking instructions that use our fancy tour buttons. Send out this follow up email after you do your first virtual tour or two for a new client and you will find this works out any kinks right away. Perhaps then schedule a quarterly maintenance email but typically the real estate agents are good about passing the process over to the assistants or in many cases…you.

Here is a sample of our tour linking page for you to take a look at. We make sure to send this page to all webmasters:

Don’t let it bog you down! The linking of virtual tours is not only very complicated for some real estate agents to grasp but can also be very overwhelming for the virtual tour provider. Use good note taking skills when working with clients so you can keep track of who gets which virtual tour link.

Make sure your 360 virtual tours have maximum reach and impact. The better the tours do the more orders you will get. TRUST ME!

Good luck out there!

Team BlueLaVa
Northern Michigan Virtual Tours
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