Virtual Africa and Google Maps

Virtual Africa has a new innovation to announce: Panoramic images of South Africa, embedded into Google Maps. It is simply the best way to explore South Africa online and is the perfect enhancement to our RTV virtual tours.

Earlier this year we reported that Virtual Africa’s virtual tours have been included in the official South African Tourism Google Earth layer. The good news is that the layer has finally been released and that it will soon be incorporated into the Google Earth Primary Database. It consists of about 300 place marks describing the different areas tourists can visit, showing the Soccer World Cup stadiums and it even links you to an itinerary planner. The best feature, of course, is the fact that most of these place marks include links to virtual tours. Our virtual tours!

We ended up compiling about 4000 panoramic images for this layer and its extremely exciting to see them displayed in this format. For more information on the layer and a preview, visit

Well, here’s the real news: the big innovation is not the Google Earth layer. It’s the fact that we’ve managed to geolocate about a 1000 of the panoramic images and embed them into Google Maps. (We’re still working on the other 3000)

This looks even better than it sounds, so head over to and click on the map (to the left) to explore South Africa like never before. You can visit Cape Town, the Garden Route or even the famous Kruger National Park, with the click of a button. There’s also an interesting post about Robben Island that includes a shot of Nelson Mandela’s prison cell.

Welcome to Africa – virtualized.

Tinus le Roux
Virtual Africa
South Africa Virtual Tours