Traverse City Virtual Tours Now in 2D and 3D Format

Traverse City Virtual Tour Company, BlueLaVaMedia is pleased to announce that all 360 virtual tours are now delivered in both FLASH 2D and JAVA 3D based technology. It is now more important than ever to be sure that the end user is able to fully enjoy the interactive media that we create for you. By using both Flash and Java based technologies we are able to guarantee that virtual tours are enjoyed by an even larger audience than ever before without the need of stopping to download a plug-in.

Our Java technology displays virtual tours in a 3D environment and optically corrects the rooms free from distortion in a way that the eye would normally perceive the rooms.

Our Flash technology displays the rooms in a 2D environment but does not optically correct the room leaving end users with a sharper and crisper view of your property.

It is our goal to continually make online property shopping a more reliable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Team BlueLaVa
Traverse Virtual Tours
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