Real Estate Marketing and the Mortgage Crisis

A recent article on, Experts Tell How to Deal with Mortgage Crisis, answers questions that millions of homeowners find themselves asking. CNN’s Larry King talked with several real estate and financial experts to get advice on handling the mortgage meltdown. Another article on, New Home Sales near Historic Lows, sheds light on just how low home sales have fallen.

The articles are everywhere; foreclosure rates are up, the economy is down and everyone is asking whether or not the worst is behind us.

While years ago simple marketing strategies would sell a house with little to no extra effort, today’s competitive market demands more creative marketing. According to an article from the Kansas City Star, Real Estate Agents are looking to marketing to survive this weak housing market. It is now more important than ever to look at your current marketing strategy and ask the hard question. Is it working? Is every dollar I am spending bringing me leads, or am I wasting money in some areas? Am I using the proper combination of marketing media to bring in more leads?

As a RTV virtual tour provider and RTV Inner-Circle Marketing member, you have access to the tools you need to accurately measure the effectiveness of every component of your marketing strategy. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to log-in, download the tools and start analyzing your marketing strategy. If you find one media is bringing you more leads, allocate more advertising dollars toward that media. If you find that another media is bringing you zero business, cut off the funding for that media and allocate the funds elsewhere. If you don’t know what marketing is actually working for you, then you may be making some advertising rep very happy, but you are hurting your business.

It begins with accountability. Make every marketing expense accountable for the results it produces. If there are no results, then cut the expense. RTV has provided our Inner-Circle members with the tools you need to succeed in this weak housing market! Log in and get started optimizing your real estate marketing strategies today.

-Team RTV

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