Quality Photography is Better than Quanity Photography

The other day, I sent a completed virtual tour to Realtor.com for one of my clients. I make it a regular part of my service to always verify the virtual tour has successfully loaded before I send agents the final tour email with the tour links and copies of the stills. When I went to Realtor.com to do the verification, I came across another agent’s listing which was located in one of the neighborhoods I photograph quite regularly. It caught my eye and so I couldn’t resist ‘checking out the competition’ and view the virtual tour that had been created for that listing.

Much to my amusement, it turned out to be a slide show that the listing agent had created on their own and loaded as a ‘virtual tour’. And not just any quickly thrown together slide show – this one advertised in scrolling text that it contained 112 pictures! I just had to see this.

In today’s saturated and highly competitive market, where over 80% of buyers are using the internet to screen/filter for homes they want to see in person, I was curious to see how a single 4/4 home could need 112 pictures to pique a prospective buyer’s interest. And even more curious to see how a slide show of this size could hold their interest. To give you a sense of the ‘virtual tour’ this agent created, I consolidated some of the stills (unaltered in any way) below as a sample.

At Ad Vantage Virtual Tours, we don’t believe that it’s the QUANTITY of photos that matter. Instead, we believe that QUALITY marketing begins with QUALITY photography. It pays to invest in a professional photographer who is skilled in real estate photography and knows how to capture and showcase a home’s best features.

At Ad Vantage Virtual Tours, we:
– Pride ourselves on providing QUALITY service to our clients
– Use RTV’s unique virtual tour software that allows buyers to interactively ‘walk’ through the home
– Provide our Tour Prep Checklist which helps homeowners to stage their home so that it looks its best for the tour
– Use only experienced photographers who are skilled at selecting, composing and editing real estate stills to showcase a home’s best features and avoid such things as distracting blown out windows, converging vertical walls, etc.

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