Proactive and Customer Focused Virtual Tour Business Owner

Never underestimate the value of being proactive and customer focused. About two months ago, I received a call from Coggin Honda of St Augustine, a local car providership which had just opened a new location. They were interested in getting a virtual tour added to their website but were only in the initial stages of their search. Their Internet Specialist had found my virtual tour company (Ad Vantage Virtual Tours) on the internet and was calling for basic information.

Instead of just providing a quick overview of pricing, I took the additional time to review their website and suggestion how to integrate the virtual tour.

She really appreciated the information but needed to do some additional research. I knew they would be calling ‘the competition’ so instead of just waiting for a call back, I made sure to proactively follow up and offered to stop by and do some test shots when I was down that way on another virtual tour shoot. They were very appreciative of the focus on customer satisfaction.

I also made sure to bring examples of how we had customized virtual tours for other clients to align with their marketing and how we could add individual scene descriptions – both things that differentiates RTV tours from the competition.

Yes, they did talk to the competition but were concerned that they weren’t willing to really work with them and provide the service they were looking for. Bottom line, they selected Ad Vantage Virtual Tours for their new car providership virtual tour specifically because we had been proactive, took the time to understand their needs , and produced the quality virtual tours they were looking for.

Never underestimate the value of customer service and our ability to ‘go above and beyond’ as independent business owners.

Trish Edmonds
Ad Vantage Virtual Tours
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