Nevada Virtual Tour Company Thanks RTV

Being a business owner since college and looking for a new venture that I could start up using nothing but a cellphone and a laptop, I learned about the virtual tour industry around 5 years ago. After researching the various companies and software available at the time I finally decided to go with RTV due to the postings of various providers that mentioned the great support offered to them from the company. That and the capabilities of RTV’s software made it a no-brainer from that point on.

Everyone that helped to bring me on board from day one…and to this day…have been the utmost professional and truly care about giving quality support and knowledge to an ever-growing field of providers including myself.

I know that I may seem a little wanting at times when trying to figure out a request or solve a problem, but everyone at RTV has always been there with an answer or an idea to back me up. For that I am truly appreciative to all at RTV because you are the backbone to all of the quality service that Robo-Tours prides itself on giving to all our clients.

We produce a wide spectrum of virtual tour types in various states and they have always been there to help make them possible. The fact that I can have questions answered within a couple of hours, if not sooner is an amazing concept that more companies need to emulate. Kind of reminds me of the cellphone company commercial on TV. No matter where you go you have all the team support with you…just not the guy in the shop clothes and nerd glasses!

Thank You for all your help and I look forward to the expanding my virtual tour company.

Rob Lenthe
Mesquite Virtual Tour Company
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