IMPORTANT: Jott This Down

We recently came across a great service that transcribes phone messages into emails. This is a terrific service for virtual tour providers and real estate agents alike! First of all, the service is completely free, so there is no reason not to use it. It takes about two to three minutes to set up and once it’s set up you never have to go back to the website.

What this service does is allow you to call an 800-number, record a note to yourself, and then receive that note in the form of an e-mail. This is a great tool for business people and estate agents alike! The service actually takes your voice, transcribes it, and then sends you an e-mail so that, later, when you get home you can remind yourself of whatever it was that you were thinking about after completing a virtual tour or while driving down the road. So, if it’s important… you are able to get it ‘jotted down’ even if you’re stuck in traffic without a pen.
One note of warning about this service is that you have to dictate or you wind up with garbage in your e-mail when you get home. So, just make sure to enunciate EVERY SINGLE word when you are jotting to yourself.

The service can be set up so that you can jot other people, but we don’t recommend that you use that functionality because you don’t know how that e-mail is going to look when they get it. If you do not enunciate correctly, other people could wind up with a garbled email.

To set up service got to, and then enter your e-mail address and your cell phone number. You confirm your e-mail address by clicking on a link and you confirm your cell phone number by calling their 800 line from your cell phone. It’s that easy and you are instantly ready to start jotting!