Establishing a Local Presence with RTV

I have been a full service provider with RTV for over four years. In the beginning I received a great deal of support from all the folks at RTV and it has continue over the years without fail. Just last week an individual in my area contacted RTV wanting to buy a system and compete with me.

RTV determined that my company’s area coverage was sufficient for the surrounding area. Because they wanted to avoid over saturation of the local marketplace, they advised the individual they were unable to establish any new virtual tour providers in the area.

I for one, appreciate all the support I have received from the folks at RTV and their concern for their full service providers. In particular my salesperson has kept in touch over the years and has always been willing to listen and offer new ideas on how to expand my business. These ideas were very helpful in the beginning when my competition’s prices were half the price I was charging.

Over time I have established a network of clients that realize it takes a quality virtual tour to market a home effectively. My competition is now out of business and my services are still in demand. I wouldn’t be in business today without RTV’s photo stitching software and support.

Over the years, my company has received from excellent service from all the fine folks at RTV. Choosing to join the RTV family as a full service provider has been a winning proposition for me and I look forward to maintaining our business and personal relationships for many years to come.

Tom Mylett
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New Bern Virtual Tour Company
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