Dear RTV

I just wanted to let you all know that I still find RTV the top product and service when it comes to virtual tours. You guys have been there for me from start to finish on everything.

Last year was really tough. Many aspects of my life were looking bad and on top of that there is a bad situation with economy. Fortunately, this year I’ve got everything going in the right direction. My virtual tour business is picking up. Check out my new website

I really like RTV’s new ideas, solutions and powerful property marketing tools. The new Marketing Center also gave me a LOT of materials, brochures and flyers to customize and generate ideas from. Honestly the RTV corporate website has been like my home base.

I am also really looking forward to what’s to come this year both from my virtual tour company as well as all of the new innovations and programming from RTV. I have a feeling it is going to bring smiles on many faces including the RTV team.

Thanks again for everything!

Tom Worek

XL Visions
Chicago Virtual Tours
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