Dallas Virtual Tours by Optimum Yield

Not long after becoming a virtual tour provider with RTV I felt privileged to be asked to do a Dallas virtual tour for the home of one of the prominent businessmen in my church. The tour was for a $1.5M luxury home on a 7-acre property which backed up to a golf course.

I provided him with a complete photo package including the high-res pans and stills for printed media as well as the smaller-size versions for use on the web. I was later happy to learn that the 360 tour was instrumental in helping with home’s sale. According to their Realtor, the lady who bought it just kept looking at the tour over and over again and basically fell in love with the home before she ever saw it in person.

During a Richardson, TX virtual tour shoot I had some trouble when one of the screws in my rotator slipped out. I instantly called RTV whose number I had in my cell phone and they immediately showed me how to reset my equipment so I could continue with the 360 home tour. I really appreciated all your willingness to help and tenacity in following up so I could complete what was a very important tour for me.

Thank you so much RTV!

Carol Barnes
Optimum Yield
Dallas Virtual Tours