3D Floor Plans by RTV

We are very excited to announce an increase in demand in provider floor plans over the last few months. Since launching the program last summer we have seen continued growth of the amount of RTV providers offering the 2D and 3D floor plans as add-ons to their virtual tour services.

Due to this surge in demand RTV will no longer be offering floor plan Sketch and Fax services internally as our network continues to to become more and more of a national virtual tour and floor plan service.

We will still continue to provide Full Service 2D floor plans to providers in available locations and will be more than happy to put you in touch with one of our many virtual tour providers around the world who may help you with your sketch and fax floor plans.

One of the more popular floor plan upgrades is the 2D Picture Plus plans. Picture Plus floor
plans offer our providers an innovative, interactive solution to displaying digital still images to
potential buyers. They are a great standalone product to offer outside the virtual tour

For more information on RTV’s internal 2D and 3D floor plan developments please give us a call today or visit the floor plan section of your virtual tour manager. If you are new to RTV and have not yet begun marketing your floor plan service be sure to download our floor plan infopack.

Good luck out there!
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