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The other day, I sent a completed virtual tour to for one of my clients. I make it a regular part of my service to always verify the virtual tour has successfully loaded before I send agents the final tour email with the tour links and copies of the stills. When I went to to do the verification, I came across another agent’s listing which was located in one of the neighborhoods I photograph quite regularly. It caught my eye and so I couldn’t resist ‘checking out the competition’ and view the virtual tour that had been created for that listing.

Much to my amusement, it turned out to be a slide show that the listing agent had created on their own and loaded as a ‘virtual tour’. And not just any quickly thrown together slide show – this one advertised in scrolling text that it contained 112 pictures! I just had to see this.

In today’s saturated and highly competitive market, where over 80% of buyers are using the internet to screen/filter for homes they want to see in person, I was curious to see how a single 4/4 home could need 112 pictures to pique a prospective buyer’s interest. And even more curious to see how a slide show of this size could hold their interest. To give you a sense of the ‘virtual tour’ this agent created, I consolidated some of the stills (unaltered in any way) below as a sample.

At Ad Vantage Virtual Tours, we don’t believe that it’s the QUANTITY of photos that matter. Instead, we believe that QUALITY marketing begins with QUALITY photography. It pays to invest in a professional photographer who is skilled in real estate photography and knows how to capture and showcase a home’s best features.

At Ad Vantage Virtual Tours, we:
– Pride ourselves on providing QUALITY service to our clients
– Use RTV’s unique virtual tour software that allows buyers to interactively ‘walk’ through the home
– Provide our Tour Prep Checklist which helps homeowners to stage their home so that it looks its best for the tour
– Use only experienced photographers who are skilled at selecting, composing and editing real estate stills to showcase a home’s best features and avoid such things as distracting blown out windows, converging vertical walls, etc.

Call today to learn more.

Trish Edmonds
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RTV is proud to announce the launch of our newest Inner-Circle resource: Marketing 2.0. This newest resource includes video training on important business marketing strategies and techniques with a focus on YOU, the small business owner.

Growing your business is often a difficult challenge and many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with the feeling that they are alone in determining the best course for their business. As an entrepreneur you can’t share business strategies with family members because often times (and because you work so much already) family members want you to focus on the ‘family’ when you are not working. Clients want to know that you are ‘the expert’ in what you do, so you can’t bounce ideas off of them. And employees (maybe even your spouse) want to know that the business is secure, so constant ideas may scare them. So what is an entrepreneur to do when he/she needs advice, new ideas and direction? How do you steer the business with a road map that doesn’t exist yet?

Answer: Borrow someone else’s road map and use it to form your own.

RTV has been in business for over 8 years. All the members of Team RTV have either owned their own small business or have been working with small business owners just like you for years. We have access to a multitude of road maps that others have used and ARE using to build their businesses, both in virtual tours AND in real estate. So we thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we can take all of these road maps, break them down into fundamentals and allow our providers to pick and choose the strategies and techniques that will work for their business model without forcing them to all follow one plan?”

Answer: Marketing 2.0

Want to know more? On July 4th at 7pm, log into the RPM Marketing Center and click on the Marketing 2.0 button and then…..get ready to shift gears!

Team RTV

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It’s almost 5 o’clock on Friday afternoon. Do you know where your newest marketing pieces are?

If you’re like most RTV small business owners, they’re probably buried on your desk because you’ve got so many other important details to handle. Or they’re still a “work in progress” on your PC where you’ve been staring at them hopelessly for the past hour. Remember, you’re a business owner, not a designer, and your area of expertise is creating fabulous 360 virtual tours.

As much as all of us would like to think our product is so good, our services so unique, that they will simply sell themselves, that is almost never the case. Strong branding, powerful images, compelling web pages and outstanding marketing pieces make or break that upward sales curve you crave so urgently. In today’s market, your clients are influenced more than ever by the visual presentation of your marketing pieces. If they are well designed, they’re likely to be read, remembered and respected.

So I ask you again, do you know where your newest marketing pieces are?

Distinguishing your virtual tour services from the competition with RPM marketing pieces will make your marketing more effective. There’s no question that an element of uniqueness in your marketing pieces can make your business more memorable, competitive, and special to your target audience.

Our latest marketing piece, just released by RPM today for Inner-Circle members, targeting Health Care Facilities, is a prime example of why being different is a fantastic way to generate more clients.

Now it’s 9 o’clock Monday morning. You’re smiling because you have just finished adding your logo to the latest RPM marketing brochure and have incorporated these professional pieces into your marketing strategy. You’re ready to face a new week with vastly improved opportunities to keep smiling at a growing bottom line!

-Team RTV

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A recent article on, Experts Tell How to Deal with Mortgage Crisis, answers questions that millions of homeowners find themselves asking. CNN’s Larry King talked with several real estate and financial experts to get advice on handling the mortgage meltdown. Another article on, New Home Sales near Historic Lows, sheds light on just how low home sales have fallen.

The articles are everywhere; foreclosure rates are up, the economy is down and everyone is asking whether or not the worst is behind us.

While years ago simple marketing strategies would sell a house with little to no extra effort, today’s competitive market demands more creative marketing. According to an article from the Kansas City Star, Real Estate Agents are looking to marketing to survive this weak housing market. It is now more important than ever to look at your current marketing strategy and ask the hard question. Is it working? Is every dollar I am spending bringing me leads, or am I wasting money in some areas? Am I using the proper combination of marketing media to bring in more leads?

As a RTV virtual tour provider and RTV Inner-Circle Marketing member, you have access to the tools you need to accurately measure the effectiveness of every component of your marketing strategy. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to log-in, download the tools and start analyzing your marketing strategy. If you find one media is bringing you more leads, allocate more advertising dollars toward that media. If you find that another media is bringing you zero business, cut off the funding for that media and allocate the funds elsewhere. If you don’t know what marketing is actually working for you, then you may be making some advertising rep very happy, but you are hurting your business.

It begins with accountability. Make every marketing expense accountable for the results it produces. If there are no results, then cut the expense. RTV has provided our Inner-Circle members with the tools you need to succeed in this weak housing market! Log in and get started optimizing your real estate marketing strategies today.

-Team RTV

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What kind of thoughts dominate your mind concerning your virtual tour business? Are you a ‘negative Nelly’ that always sees the storm cloud in any situation? Are you sure you cannot succeed, or has a minor setback caused you to doubt your dreams of owning a successful business?

The difference between virtual tour providers that succeed and those that do not usually boils down to two things, attitude and perseverance.

People are constantly thinking, wondering, playing ‘what if’ in their minds, and imagining outcomes. This is our brain’s way of processing info, testing out actions, and also a way to form belief.

What we think all the time is what we will come to believe. If you constantly have negative thoughts about your virtual tour company then you will most likely have negative results. You need to imagine success and dream of doing great things. A great attitude will get you a long way, but often it takes more than that.

Let’s face it. Stuff goes wrong. People around us, even in our own families, may not support us, a potential client might slam the door in our face, or we may have some minor problem with equipment or scheduling.

Things like this happen to every virtual tour provider. The really successful ones learn from what happened. If they made a mistake, they own up to it and fix their process or whatever needs to be done. They move on from it.

Unsuccessful providers usually blame someone else. They dwell on what happened. They might even pick fights with their clients. They get stuck; they get more negative. They get more unsuccessful.

If you want to change the way your virtual tour company is going, the cheapest and easiest thing you can do is change your mind and don’t give up!

Real Tour Vision
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