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Good evening all you Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers out there!!

I just want to share my experience up to this point with RTV. I decided to become a full service provider about 3 weeks ago after doing much (intense) research on different virtual tour software and virtual tour companies.

I feel that I made the absolute right decision. I received my equipment and software in a very timely fashion. I quickly completed my virtual tour training course over the phone. During my research I found companies that offered no training at all and even some that required that I fly in for on site training. Real Tour Vision has the virtual tour software and the training course down to a science which allowed me to get things up and running in just a few hours.

At this point I am happy to say that I am out selling and building virtual tours. The virtual tour software is very user friendly and everyone I have dealt with has been a great help (Jason, Ben, Sue, and Eve just to name a few). I am excited about this virtual tour business opportunity and believe this is a superior poduct and system Realtour has developed. Until next time….Cheers!.

Kevin Blanchard
Park City Virtual Tours
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