Virtual Tour Referrals Grow Business

360realhometours, a New Jersey virtual tour provider, is enjoying our 5th year as a full time RTV provider and things are getting better all the time!

Someone reading that might wonder if the market is down in New Jersey like everywhere else. It is, but I stick to my business plan and work on getting referrals all the time. In this tight market, plus with all the virtual tour competition, you must make certain your images and virtual tours are impeccable and you WILL get referrals.

Every other day I get a phone call or email and I’m always pleasantly surprised when it is a new agent wanting to order virtual tours. When I ask them how they heard of me it is ALWAYS from another agent. Real Tour Vision’s superior product, combined with photography skills, combined with solid customer relations WILL bring in the business.

Offer your customers the very best product/service you can deliver and the referrals will come. If you receive a referral do not forget to send a quick “Thank You” email to the agent sending business your way. Stay in touch with all your customers any way you can.

Send quick brief update emails and include anyone you’ve done a virtual tour for in the past. RTV has a ton of great extra products such as banners, hit lists, etc that can be sent to your customers as updates on a regular basis. Use these as methods of staying in touch.

If you are in a particular area or region of your state on certain days send an email letting that customer know you will be in their area in case they need a 360 virtual tour. I’ve obtained quick business that way and it is a show of good customer relations and will always get a thank you back from the real estate agent.

Very best luck out there…back to creating more virtual tours!

Zivko Grcic
New Jersey Virtual Tour Provider
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