Virtual Tour Opportunities are Everywhere

Don’t let real estate agents be your only source for virtual tour leads. The sky is the limit!

Airports, restaurants, parks, golf courses, resorts, stadiums, theme parks, shopping centers, marinas, boats, government facilities, motor homes, and bed-and-breakfasts are all virtual tour possibilities.

With more and more people and business having websites, I think ‘VIRTUAL TOURS’ everywhere I go.

Today I went with a friend to Cornwell’s Turkeyville, USA located in Marshall Michigan. This is a local antiques and flea market known for their outdoor fun, community theater dinners, seasonal festivals and of course great food (specializing in turkey everything). A fantastic Saturday afternoon spent enjoying the sun and fun. Like many of my travels this was also an opportunity to let our community know about RTV and the virtual tours we provide.

Not only did I drop off a Power Play Multi-Media Productions card and a PowerPoint presentation on cd to Cornwell’s, but one of the vendors present happened to be a construction company specializing in home remodeling. Plus the other independent vendors present were also interested in learning about just how a virtual tour could help promote their business.

On the way home from shopping the other day, there was our skating rink, another opportunity. The hotel across the street, a new restaurant in town next door, fun parks opening up for the summer, everywhere businesses just waiting for me to stop by.

You can be assured that Spring is here in Hillsdale County and is out and about finding ways to promote 360 tours and RTV everywhere we go.

Sandra M. Gibson
Power Play Multi-Media Productions
South Central Michigan RTV Virtual Tour Provider