Virtual Tour Marketing Workshop Begins!!

Our 12 week Blogging/SEO/Social Networking workshop is now available for you to start any time!

But, first:

During the initial workshop I noticed that, while providers were highly successful with the program, the one major issue that caused ‘writer’s block’ time and time again seemed to be the concept of ‘what’ a blog ‘is’.

So before you sign up and start the workshop, I am redefining the word ‘blog’.
For the next 12 weeks, and quite possibly for much longer after that, blogging will be defined for you as:

1. a story relating to virtual tours, real estate, or your business in general


2. Directions on ‘how to do’ something

That is it! It is as simple as that. As long as each and every blog that you submit is one of those two things you will be highly successful and profit from this workshop!

So, before you begin this workshop by clicking on the link below, your first assignment will be to send 250 words (based on option one or option two above) and send it as a blog through the RTV marketing control panel.

Then click on this link to get started with the 12 week workshop!

Sign Up For The 12 Week Workshop