Use Virtual Tours to Stand Out

I recently spoke with a gentleman, who was in the process of putting his home on the market, about ordering virtual tour service from a Real Tour Vision full service provider. We started our conversation discussing the current market conditions and that’s when he began telling me a story about his recent encounter with several real estate agents.

It all started when he made the decision to sell his waterfront property and relocate closer to family. He called upon three different real estate agents to value his house and property. Each representative was on time, professional, and courteous, each made polite talk about the house and area, and then offered their valuation. However, he noted that not one made a dynamic presentation and none promoted any service that set them apart from their competitors. In fact, all three representatives made a point to advise him on the “slow market” and since his home was a higher end, custom, waterfront property he should expect to sit on it for “awhile”.

A week or so later when the time came to choose an agent, he couldn’t recall one significant, unique quality between the three prospects – all had been in the industry for several years, each had a decent website and, based on records, all were enjoying local success.

At this point, my curiosity had gotten the best of me, and I immediately asked him how he chose an agent to work with. He explained, of course, that he reverted to looking at who would offer him the lowest fee.

Suddenly I realized why fees so often become the most important element when choosing an agent – particularly when there isn’t anything else to distinguish one agent over another!

Why hadn’t at least one of those agents said something like:

“Of course, we use all the traditional marketing methods to market your property, but what really makes us stand out from the crowd is that we also use all of the latest tools available – for example virtual home tours, single property websites, and panoramic sign riders. By using such a wide range of marketing solutions we are able to offer you the very best opportunity of securing the highest price for your property. Also, by distributing your virtual tour to the hottest national real estate portal sites, we are able to get your property in front of a nationwide audience. We might not be the cheapest agent in town but with us you can be assured that your home is presented in the best possible light to potential buyers and because we don’t cut corners with marketing, when we’ve sold your home, you’ll know you’ll have achieved the best possible price.”

The market has changed recently and maintaining or even increasing selling fees is high on the agenda of every agent. Using visualization tools, such as virtual tours, helps make you stand out from the crowd and achieve the fee you want. Adding a single property website and PanoRider to your virtual tour just further enhances the chances of standing out and above other agents and helps you achieve maximum success.

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